Dear Valued Clients,
Please be advised of the ff vessel’s provided ETA to both MIT and PNG Ports Planning. Multiple vessel arrivals declared in same day should not be considered as port congestion.


All lines to comply 48Hrs prior NOA WITH FIRM ETA in order to arrange berthing prospects.  Non Window callers will server on FIFO basis , provided all arrival documents submitted to MIT 24hrs prior declared ETA.

Inability to provide NOA, Terminal operator will consider last ETA update received , which has a 48Hrs gap between mail receival time and ETA as the FIRM ETA (below ex)

EX :        Mail received on 01st Jan/1000H  with ETA indicated as  03rd Jan / 2000H  
               Mail received on 02nd Jan/1000H with ETA indicated as 03rd Jan / 1000H

MIT will still consider the FIRM ETA as 03rd Jan /2000H to arrange the berthing prospects , if there is any completing vessels. 

MIT will optimize the period wherein the vessel arrivals are bunching together. 
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