ICTSI South Pacific is committed to ensure work is conducted in a safe and environmentally conscious manner by following established policies, procedures, regulatory requirements and work practices. To meet this commitment, ICTSI South Pacific implements and abides by the following principles in South Pacific International Container Terminal and Motukea International Container Terminal:


  •  Demonstrating HSSE leadership at each level of management to promote HSSE as a core value.
  •  Preventing personal injuries, material losses, occupational health and the protection of the environment in an environmentally responsible       manner
  •  Ongoing identification, communication, control and reduction of risks associated with our activities
  •  Establishing HSSE standards taking as reference industries best practices and applicable legislations
  •  Development, standardization and improvement of standard operating procedures
  •  Maintaining efficient training programs in HSE and Operations
  •  Monitor performance and conduct regular audits to ensure the HSSE management system is up-to-date and continually improved.


          Through these principles, ICTSI South Pacific believes that:

  •  Line managers, supervisors, employees,contractors and port users are directly accountable for HSSE performance in their area of   responsibility
  •  Employees have a primary responsibility for their safety and well-being of colleagues, contractors and visitors.
  •  Promote prompt reporting of HSSE incidents and near misses to respective department managers and supervisors.
  •  All workplace activity risks are evaluated so that appropriate control measures are implemented to reduce exposure and safeguard   employees as well as the environment
  • Operate and maintain equipment in line with our Operations and Maintenance procedures, regulatory requirement and equipment operating manuals to ensure asset integrity
  • All employees are empowered to be actively involved in HSSE activities, process and continual improvement of HSSE Management System
  • Training will be provided for employees to safely and effectively perform their jobs.
  • Continually strive to develop, standardise and improve HSSE Management System




Robert Maxwell
Chief Executive Officer
ICTSI South Pacific