All international container and general-purpose vessels including break-bulk, car carriers, excluding bulkers and tankers.

We are bound by:

Operational performance scaled targets
Staged modern equipment deployment
Regulated tariff compliance
We have a track record that confirms our ability to rapidly adapt to different operating environments, and to add substantial value to our operated terminals by enhancing their efficiency at every level. We also have the proven ability to perform beyond the expectations of central and regional governments of a privatization process, spanning both developed and emerging economies.

We take pride in being a partner in the true sense of the word in the development and management of port operations with governments divesting themselves of maritime port assets by privatization or sale vehicles.

ICTSI - Global Presence

ICTSI Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, manages our foreign operations. Aside from developing new port concessions, this subsidiary is also tasked with overseeing operations of all acquired foreign terminals. Regional representatives in Manila, Dubai and Panama afford us the immediacy to respond quickly to investment opportunities.

ICTSI is currently pursuing an active program to acquire new terminal concessions in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the America