Advisory Number
Advisory No. 2022.02

                                                                                                     Port Moresby, November 1, 2021


                                        NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS – 2022 SPICTL & MITL TARIFFS



Dear Valued Customer,

Proper and strategic planning are important for a company’s success and to support your good company’s plans and budgeting for year 2022, we want to inform you about ICTSI South Pacific terminals’ tariffs for year 2022.

NO increase in current Regulated Tariffs (Stevedoring & Handling) for 2022.

Effective 1 January 2022, Non-Regulated Tariffs will be increased by 3.3% in both South Pacific International Container Terminal Limited (SPICTL) & Motukea International Terminal Limited (MITL). The increase is as per annual percentage change in the underlying PNG Consumer Price Index (CPI) from June 2020 to June 2021, as published by the National Statistical Office of PNG. No other changes.

In SPICTL, a Productivity Charge (or STS Charge) will be implemented following the introduction of 2 Ship To Shore (STS) cranes in Lae Tidal Basin (LTB), expected in July 2022. The charge is of PGK 142.43 per move of container performed by the STS cranes, it will be charged to the Shipping Line on top of the Stevedoring rate. The charge will subsequently be adjusted annually, by the annual underlying CPI movement, as provided by the PNG NSO.

SPICTL & MITL deliver a leading global standard in modern container terminal design, innovation and operations. With a commitment to delivering a world class service and continuously enhance performances, SPICTL & MITL continue to improve systems to ensure greater efficiencies for both landside and shipside operations.

Kindly find attached revised Non-Regulated Tariffs for both SPICTL & MITL. Please contact SPICTL & MITL should you wish any clarification.

Kind Regards,

ICTSI South Pacific Management





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