South Pacific International Container Terminal Advisory



Dear Valued Clients,

Following the increase of inbound Breakbulk & General Cargo in our terminal, and with the aim of ensuring best alignment
and execution possible for this cargo type, please note that the terminal will seek support from Shipping Lines to comply
with below mandatory requirement for terminal’s assessment and final confirmation of the acceptance of discharge

Shipping Line to provide below, prior to accepting cargo from shipper/consignee:
                                         1. Lifting Point Diagram
                                         2. Measurement of Cargo as to Length, Width, Height, and Weight
                                         3. Illustration of potential Stowage position

Shipping Line to provide below, after loading completed and cargo onboard :
                                        1. Actual pictures/photos of how cargo was lifted and loaded on the vessel
                                        2. Actual pictures/photos of where cargo was stowed in the vessel
                                        3. Final list of all confirmed Breakbulk cargo to be discharged, per vessel and voyage, to be sent
                                            to the terminal at least a week before ETA
                                        4. For Project, Heavy Lift and any other non-unitized, special specific instructions (if any) from
                                           cargo receiver on delivery plan from yard to out-gate

Above mandatory requirements will help the terminal to plan the necessary equipment deployment and gear for
discharge operation prior berthing, as well as planning the yard for easy delivery to consignee, with the main objective of
ensuring highest safety as well as improving productivity and efficiency for our Port Users.

Any question, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@ictsi.atlassian.net


Best Regards, 

SPICT Management