The South Pacific International Container Terminal Services Incorporation now managing the Lae Ports has bigger plans in place to bring developments to the landowner impacted communities of Lae district.

Both Lae and Port Moresby will now benefit from these services that the ICTSI will be providing to respective impacted landowner groups through the ICTSI Foundation and subsidiary business arms as its first step towards moving the community partnership projects in Lae Open, Labu 1-3, Ahi and Markham 1-2 and Motukea in Port Moresby.

ICTSI general manager George Gware during the first company-community engagement program in Lae said a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for this partnership arrangement was signed with landowner companies Ahi Investment Limited and Labu Holdings which establishes a collaborative framework in support of ICTSI’s port projects in Lae.

Mr Gware said the partnership agreement will continue for 25 years following ICTSI’s concessions to operate in Lae and Motukea while in its year of operation the company will be engaging with these respective communities for future developments.

According to ICTSI the MOA also affirms the subscription and shareholders agreement (SSA) included in the terminal operating agreement (TOA) with PNG Ports Corporation Limited for Lae Port. Under the SSA, Ahi and Labu will each have 15 percent share subscription in the South Pacific International Container Terminal Limited.

The company’s first community engagement in Lae under its educational support program donated educational items including school bags and stationeries to various schools in Lae district covering Labu, Ahi and Markham last week.

Mr Gware said the donation is a first of its kind and signifies the solid partnership between Ahi and Labu the office of Lae MP John Rosso, other relevant community leaders in implementing impacted services and development projects on law and order, health, education and waste management.

The donation was also supported by the landowner companies including the office of the member for Lae under ICTSI’s community engagement program as part of the ICTSI’s corporate social responsibility involvement to support education intervention programs since its partnership establishment last year.

Briefly ICTSI is now spearheading the Lae Port developments in collaboration with the two LO companies and has been in the business of acquiring, developing, managing and operating container ports and terminals worldwide.

ICTSI corporate service manager Rhandolph Calisin who was very vocal during the donation told the parents of Labu Tale, Miti and Butu that the partnership engagement is about touching and changing the young generations of Labu through education.

Mr Calisin said ICTSI is here to stay and to help develop and live up to fulfill future needs of the impacted communities in the years to come.

ICTSI is also looking forward to the official opening of the Malahang Police Station a product of cooperation and collaboration between the Government and private sector which will be highlighted during the ceremony on the 23rd of this month.

Briefly ICTSI was established in December 1987 in the Philippines and has become a leading operator, innovator and pioneer in its field after consolidating and strengthening its operations at the Manila International Container Terminal in the Philippines.

The company has a track record that confirms its ability to rapidly adapt to different operating environments and add substantial value to its operating terminals by enhancing their efficiency at every level in both developed and emerging economies.
According to ICTSI, the company does take pride in being a partner in the true sense of the word in the development and management of port operations with governments divesting themselves of maritime port assets by privatization or sale vehicles

Mr Gware said the country will also benefit economically following the long-term contractual obligations, defined in measurable outputs and in time-bound deliverables.

“Last but certainly not the least, we uphold: to provide superior services marked by efficiency, reliability, professionalism and profitability and honor our commitments to employees, partners, and shareholders.

Through constantly improving our current operations, strategic investment capability, committing to first-rate work, respect, valuing our work and responsibility and grow as individuals and expand as a business” Mr Gware said.